Let ETC Windows protect your home

When it comes to buying a new door or windows one of the first requirements should be the security measures built into the product as well as the good looks of the product. For this reason ETC Windows doors and conservatories have been pleased to be installing the highly secure Vevo Windows and doors across the Worcestershire and Gloucestershire area.

Our Vevo doors and windows come with additional security measures fitted as standard (measures that some manufacturers charge extra for) so you can rest assured knowing your family will be safe and secure once you have had your new doors and windows fitted.

Some features as standard are...

* Key lockable handles
* Stainless steel multi-point locking mechanisms
* Internally beaded glazing
* Secure night time ventilation
* Ultion Lock

Ultion Lock

It seems only fitting that the UK’s most secure composite door now features the country’s most secure locking system; the Ultion.
It’s called the ‘Ultion’ because it offers the ultimate in locking protection, capable of sensing an attack and subsequently engaging via a hidden lock to prevent intruders gaining entry, even when snapped twice. Analysis has shown that the Ultion easily outperforms the very best 3 star locks in a variety of different tests and when locked, stays locked.

No key, no chance of burglary; the Ultion really is that good.

By choosing ETC to install your windows you are getting stylish and high security windows and doors as standard so please feel free to call us on 01386 800 600 if you would like further information.